25 SB

Calais 25 SB

Step into the epitome of luxury pontoon cruising with the Sunchaser Calais 25 SB. This exceptional pontoon vessel boasts a rear swing-back design, providing unparalleled versatility for both forward and rear-facing cruising experiences. Whether you're seeking panoramic views or intimate conversations, this innovative pontoon feature ensures a memorable journey on the water. Complementing its functional design, the Calais 25 SB features sleek aluminum exterior panels, combining durability with contemporary elegance, embodying the essence of luxury pontoon craftsmanship. Equipped with the X-treme Third Tube performance package, this pontoon delivers exceptional speed and stability for thrilling adventures across the water. And with the convenience of a power bimini top, passengers can effortlessly adjust their level of shade to suit their preferences, enhancing the luxury pontoon experience. From its innovative design to its high-performance capabilities, the Sunchaser Calais 25 SB sets a new standard for luxury pontoon cruising, promising an unforgettable experience for all who step aboard.