25 LR DH

Geneva Sport 25 LR DH

Designed for both relaxation and exhilarating performance, the SunChaser Geneva Sport 25 LR DH pontoon offers the best of both worlds. Standard features ensure an enjoyable day for everyone on board. The X-Treme PR25 Third Tube Performance Package provides a smooth ride and confident handling, whether you're cruising across the water or towing tubes for some afternoon thrills. In the rear, comfortable bench seating surrounds a built-in table, creating a perfect spot for socializing and enjoying meals with friends and family. For an added touch of luxury and control, the Geneva Sport 25 LR DH boasts both passenger and driver helm style seating. These stylish seats offer excellent visibility of both the front and rear of the pontoon. This feature-packed pontoon is perfect for creating unforgettable memories on the water, blending relaxation, performance, and a touch of luxury for your next pontoon adventure.